Best Theme Parks in Perth: Your ultimate guide to amusement park adventures near Perth.

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, offers a plethora of adventures. But one of its lesser-known charms is its diverse range of theme and amusement parks. Dive into the world of thrill rides, water adventures, and family fun as we guide you through the best theme parks in Perth.

Why Perth? – More than Just a City

Perth is not just a city. It’s a destination bursting with attractions, and when it comes to amusement parks, Perth doesn’t disappoint. The parks cater to families and visitors to Western Australia, providing outdoor entertainment attractions for Perth families and visitors alike.

Adventure World: Perth’s Iconic Amusement Park and Water Park

Adventure World is Perth’s premier amusement park, offering a range of thrilling rides like the world-class Goliath and the heart-stopping Abyss. Beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns provide the perfect backdrop for an awesome day of fun. Don’t miss the Kraken, Perth’s steepest funnel water slide, ensuring a thrilling adventure for all!

Outback Splash Theme Park: A Family Fun Park in Bullsbrook

25 minutes from Perth lies Perth’s Outback Splash, a family fun park in Bullsbrook that offers year-round family fun. From mazes and playgrounds to the iconic waterslides like Kahuna Falls, there’s something for kids of all ages. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the 9 holes of mini-golf or the giant jumping pillow.

Perth Aqua Park: Dive into Inflatable Fun

The Perth Aqua Park is a must-visit for those seeking a unique water adventure. Located near Perth, this aqua park features a wide range of inflatable water activities. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or a toddler taking the first splash, this park offers fun for all ages.

Kalamunda Water Park Attraction : Slides, Swims, and Splashes

Nestled in the hills of Perth, the Kalamunda Water Park offers visitors a refreshing retreat. From exciting waterslides to open-air swimming pools, this water park has served Perth families for years. It’s not just a place to cool off; it’s a place to create memories.

Cockburn Arc: More than Just a Swimming Pool

Located close to Perth, the Cockburn Arc is not just a swimming pool but an entertainment hub. With its beautifully designed swimming pool and waterslides, it promises lots of fun for the whole family. Beyond the water, it offers sensory play activities and an exciting new menu of quality food and drinks.

BHP Water Park: An Oasis in Perth’s CBD 

Right in the heart of Perth CBD lies the BHP Water Park. A perfect spot to cool off, especially after a day of shopping or sightseeing. With its interactive water features, it’s a hit among kids and adults alike.

Swan Valley Adventure Centre: Western Australia Nature Meets Amusement

Swan Valley is not just about wines and gourmet treats. The Swan Valley Adventure Centre is a testament to that. Combining nature with amusement, it’s the perfect place for a family adventure day out in Perth.

How Accessible are These Parks? – Getting There and Around

Perth’s theme parks are easily accessible. Whether you’re relying on public transport or driving down, each park is strategically located to ensure minimal hassle. Most are just a short drive from Perth’s CBD, and those further out are well worth the journey.

Perth Travel: Making the Most of Your Visit

When you’re in Perth, make sure to visit other attractions like Kings Park, Perth Zoo, and the Aquarium of Western Australia. Combine these visits with the amusement parks to make the most of your Perth travel experience.

7 Family fun reasons to visit the best theme parks in Perth adventure playgrounds for the whole family.

  • Adventure World is Perth’s go-to for thrilling rides.
  • Outback Splash offers a balanced mix of water activities and ground fun.
  • Perth Aqua Park is perfect for inflatable water fun.
  • Kalamunda Water Park and Cockburn Arc offer fantastic swimming experiences.
  • BHP Water Park is a serene escape right in the city.
  • Swan Valley Adventure Centre combines natural beauty with amusement.
  • Most parks are easily accessible from Perth’s CBD.

20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the best amusement parks in Perth

What is the primary focus of this article?

The article provides a comprehensive guide to the best theme and amusement parks in Perth, Western Australia.

Which park is described as Perth’s premier amusement park?

Adventure World is described as Perth’s premier amusement park.

Where is Outback Splash located?

Outback Splash is located in Bullsbrook, about 25 minutes from Perth.

What unique feature does Perth Aqua Park offer?

Perth Aqua Park offers a range of inflatable water activities suitable for all ages.

Which park is nestled in the hills of Perth?

Kalamunda Water Park is nestled in the hills of Perth.

What makes Cockburn Arc more than just a swimming pool?

Cockburn Arc is an entertainment hub that offers sensory play activities and a new menu of quality food and drinks, in addition to its swimming pool and waterslides.

Where can you find the BHP Water Park?

BHP Water Park is located right in the heart of Perth’s CBD.

What does Swan Valley Adventure Centre combine?

Swan Valley Adventure Centre combines nature with amusement, offering both natural beauty and fun activities.

Are Perth’s theme parks easily accessible?

Yes, most of Perth’s theme parks are easily accessible, either by public transport or a short drive from the CBD.

What other attractions are suggested to visit in Perth?

Other attractions in Perth include Kings Park, Perth Zoo, and the Aquarium of Western Australia.

Which park features the thrilling ride called Goliath?

Adventure World features the thrilling ride known as Goliath.

What are some attractions at Outback Splash besides waterslides?

Outback Splash also offers mazes, playgrounds, mini-golf, and a giant jumping pillow.

Is Perth Aqua Park suitable for toddlers?

Yes, Perth Aqua Park offers fun for all ages, including toddlers.

What kind of swimming experience does Kalamunda Water Park provide?

Kalamunda Water Park offers exciting waterslides and open-air swimming pools.

What interactive features can you find at BHP Water Park?

BHP Water Park boasts interactive water features popular among both kids and adults.

Where can you find an oasis of interactive water features in Perth’s CBD?

The BHP Water Park in Perth’s CBD is a haven of interactive water features.

How far is Swan Valley Adventure Centre from Perth’s CBD?

The article does not specify the exact distance, but Swan Valley is a well-known region near Perth known for its wines and gourmet treats.

What is the main attraction at Cockburn Arc?

Cockburn Arc offers a beautifully designed swimming pool, waterslides, sensory play activities, and quality food and drinks.

Which amusement park in Perth offers the steepest funnel water slide known as the Kraken?

Adventure World offers the Kraken, which is Perth’s steepest funnel water slide.

Are the theme parks in Perth suitable for both families and individual visitors?

Yes, the theme parks in Perth cater to both families and individual visitors, offering a range of attractions for all age groups.

Discover the best of what Perth has to offer and immerse yourself in the fun and excitement of its theme parks. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a water lover, or just looking for some family fun, Perth has a park that caters to your needs.

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